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With regard to tourism, the general aim of Barcelona Provincial Council is to promote, through its Barcelona is much more brand, the social and economic development of the municipalities in the province of Barcelona through the tourism sector, whilst ensuring that a harmonious balance is maintained between this development and the socio-cultural and natural environments in which it takes place.


  • To foster and support the tourism policies developed by the municipalities and other supramunicipal territorial entities

  • To create tourism products and boost specialised tourism (cultural tourism, thermalism, rural tourism, nautical tourism, camping and business tourism)

These are specified in the following areas of action:

  • Promoting territorial groups and business groups in order to achieve quality, competitive tourism
  • Contributing to tourism promotion in the territory through the management of funding for investment in infrastructure and for tourist activities within the Barcelona Network of Quality Municipalities programme
  • Participating in the tourism promotion consortia of the province
  • Creating and improving tourist information offices
  • Managing different tourism promotion and communication tools and media through the Tourism close to Barcelona brand, to position Barcelona province in the domestic market and in neighbouring markets.

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Recinte Maternitat - Pavelló Mestral
Trav. De les Corts, 131-159 08028 Barcelona
Recinte Maternitat - Pavelló Mestral
Trav. De les Corts, 131-159 08028 Barcelona