From Michelin-starred restaurants to small mountain inns who serve hearty traditional breakfasts. In Barcelona's regions, you have many ways of enjoying a whole gastronomic universe without setting foot in the kitchen. 

our suggestions

The Park at the table

Enjoy our Natural Parks, artisanal production and the local wine growing culture through the gastronomy offered by the restaurants located there.

Cooking associations

Local producers, cooks and restaurants who promote cooking and the typical local produce of the province of Barcelona.

Catalan cuisine

Typical Catalan dishes with top quality local ingredients, prepared in the traditional way.

Slow Food

Rural, organic and traditional cuisine based on the slogan "Good, Clean and Fair", applied to every level of gastronomy, products, preparation and experience.

Michelin-starred stablishments

With thirty Michelin-starred restaurants, you'll eat really well in the province of Barcelona.


* Restaurants

Barcelona is much more publishes a list of member restaurants of a series of cuisine collectives and seals of quality associated with high quality, local products: SICTED, Michelin Guide, Repsol Guide, Relais Chateux, Parc a Taula (The Park at the Table), Catalan Cuisine, Gastronomic Hotel, Slowfood and the various cuisine collectives of the counties of Barcelona.